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Year One Lessons - Revamping IBP Communications

One of the most important lessons from the first year of the Integrated Breeding Platform Project is that efficient and timely communication is the life blood of the project, to promote collaboration and cohesion, address challenges before they get out of hand, and to celebrate our achievements as we go along.

Towards this end, we are revamping our communication strategy, with a view to initiating and sustaining conversations between users and developers; between developers and other developers working on related tools and applications; between members of Communities of Practice; and between Project management and the entire IBP Community.

We propose to achieve this through four main channels:

  • The Project Wiki, of which we can all make much greater use. We urge all Activity Leaders/PIs to take a look at Arllet Portugal's portion of the wiki - and develop theirs along the same (and improved!) lines. All those that are yet to make any entries at all in the wiki, please do so - even if just a distant wave to let us know you are there! And make this regular.
  • We propose to make use of blogging, to facilitate hopefully animated (even if asymmetrical) conversations. We will certainly have blogging facilities on the Portal as soon as it is up and running, but Diego de Leon, our Platform Manager, will be getting back to you with details on how we can get this going even before then.
  • Quarterly Progress Updates, specifically focussing on milestones due in that period. This will not be elaborate reports along the lines of the recently concluded ATUR or even the half-yearly progress reports that you already have to wrestle with. This will be basically quick five liners on each milestone due that we can share with the wider community through the Wiki and ultimately the portal, elicited via email to you from Project Management. We expect the first of these mid-September, so be prepared.
  • Finally, we propose to make frequent even if irregular use of News Flashes along the lines of the one that brings you this message - to keep everybody abreast of the goings-on within the project. We do not envision a regular newsletter - but rather an as-and-when-needed electronic news bulletin with links to substantive articles or news items.

We look forward to working with you all to reinvigorate project communications.

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