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Project Management and Partners



The stakeholders of the platform are plant scientists, particularly breeders leading MAB projects. These breeding projects will provide the user requirements to design and to prioritise the development of the different elements of the platform. Initially, a User Committee will be constituted with representatives from the different user cases. This committee will evolve over time to include, among others, representatives from small- and medium-scale enterprises (SMEs) who will hopefully become users of the platform. Working closely with the managers of the project, the committee should ensure the needs of the different user case breeding projects are addressed, and should, in collaboration with the developers, test and critique the different elements of the platform and provide feedback for the evolution of the Portal. Users are expected to contribute actively to the monitoring and evaluation of the platform development all through the project cycle. This User Committee will remain in place beyond the user case projects and ensure long-term viability of the platform. The developers - mainly bioinformaticians and statisticians - will design the different elements of the platform, based on the workplan from the stakeholders and the managers. A Scientific and Management Advisory Committee will oversee the evolution of the platform from a strategic perspective. This committee will comprise world experts on MAB from the public and private sector. GCP will manage the platform in close coordination with the different actors. Services will be provided by biologists with different sets of expertise to meet the different needs. Service managers will closely interact with platform stakeholders.

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