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Objective 2.3 IB Workbench Installation Tool

WorkBench Installations (Administration)

An Installation of the WorkBench specifies the crop which identifies the central (public) data resources that will be accessible to the project. This includes a central GMS database, a central DMS database, a public GEMS database and a central Genotyping database. Each installation provides access to local (private) data resources. These data resources include a local GMS, DMS, IMS and Fingerprinting data. Each Installation has at least one user with Administative privelages. Users are identified by authentication codes (username and password) for access to specific private data resources. (Private simply means 'requiring authentication for access' and several users may have access to the same private (local) data).

There are two types of users, 'official users' known to the curator of the public crop information whose identification, authority and credentials are stored with the public data and who have or intend to contribute data to the central public databases. Such data is linked to their identification for attribution and authentication. Then there are 'unofficial users' who have installed the workbench and created local databases but who have not, and may not ever, publish data or who have been assigned credentials remotely (without reference to the central curator). The credentials for unofficial users are stored in the private databases. Unofficial users can be made official by the central curator if and when they choose to publish data.

The Administration tools depend on the authority of the user. For example if the user is the administrator of the local data resources the he should have a tool to create new users (and hence new projects) with access to that data. If the user has higher authority he should have access to a tool to create new local data resources but initially this will be an installation function of the IBWB.

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