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Objective 2.2 IBWS Getting Started

Getting Started with the Integrated breeding Workflow System (IBWS)

The IBWS is currently a stand-alone application which works on MS Windows based computers. The first step to getting started is to download three components of the system:

  1. A crop database installer for each crop for which you would like to implement breeding projects.
  2. The IB Workbench installer that will install the workbench and tools and connect them to the crop database(s) installed following point 1 above.
  3. A file containing documentation, tutorials and examples for all the applications of the IBWS.

Please note that the files to download are very large. You may want to use Download Manager (available for free at to help in this process, especially if you don't have a good internet connection.
The installation process will require you to have administrator privileges on your computer, and you may be asked to allow programs to alter system files and for your firewall to allow the MySQL database program to run. You must agree to these requests to complete the installation.

Further help with installing the IBWS can be found in this document (note that it takes a long time to load, so when you have it you might want to save it).
Although the installer filenames and versions mentioned there are different from the ones you will download following this document. The procedure is, however, the same.

Uninstall Previous Versions

If you have previous versions of IBFieldbook, Breeding Manager or IB Workbench you should uninstall these before proceeding.
If you have data in your local databases which you need to preserve you should first make a backup of these local database files. Contact Arllet Portugal ( or Graham McLaren at ( if you are unsure about how to do this and for help with making this local data accessible from the new IBWS.

To uninstall the IBFieldbook and the NurseryManager find those applications in Control Pannel > Uninstall Programs and select uninstall.
To uninstall a previous version of Workbench (if you have one), find IBWorkflowSystem under Start > All Programs and run Uninstall IBWorkflowSystem. If there is a checkbox to uninstall the complete system, select it. This will uninstall the databases as well as the applications. (The uninstaller may show a heading regarding uninstalling a particular database, but it will uninstall the whole system).

Crop Databases

Select and download one or more of the of the following crop databases:

Beans Cowpea Rice
Cassava Groundnuts Sorghum
Chickpea Lentil Maize
Soybean Wheat  

To install the MySQL database program and the chosen crop database execute the downloaded file: ibp_{crop}central_database_windows{version}.exe and follow the simple instructions given in a series of windows that will appear.

If you install more than one crop database you must wait for each one to finish installing before starting the next one.

The Workbench and Tools

Download the file IBWorkflowsystem installer.

Once a Crop Database has been installed you must execute this file to install the workbench and tools and connect them to the database. Follow the instructions given in several screens from the installer.

Again, further information on this installation process can be found in the IB Workflow System Installation section of this document (The same document as in the first section and again it takes along time to load).

Documentation, Tutorials and Examples for the IBWS

Download the self-extracting zip file IBWorkflowSystem_Docs.exe and execute it.

Documentation for the IBWS will be installed in two sub-directories by default, C:\IBWorkflowSystem\Documents and C:\IBWorkflowSystem\Examples. The default install directory is shown as C:\IBWorkflowSystem, if you change that you must use the same one on the installers for crops and Workbench later. You may be asked if you would like to replace some files in the Documents and Examples folders. You should select OK since the files in the documents installer will be the latest.
The Documents sub-directory contains this document in the top directory and then sub-directories for each tool in the Workflow System. Those sub-directories contain user manuals and tutorial documents for the corresponding tools. They may also contain sample files for some of the tutorials. Where the tutorials are crop specific they are stored in crop sub-directories.

The Examples subdirectory contains a series of crop sub-folders each with a Templates sub-folder, and some with a Sample Files sub-folder containing example templates for the Breeding manager and IB Fieldbook applications and sample files for the tutorials relating to those applications respectively.

Running the Workbench

Once the Workbench is installed, it will be launched automatically as the last step of the installation unless you prevent it, or you can run it by clicking on the Workbench Icon on the desktop or in the start menu:

The Workbench and browser tools run in a web browser. We recommend using Internet Explorer or Firefox as there are some issues with the Genotyping Data Management System (GDMS) when Chrome is used.

The IB Workflow System relies on several background programs. Firstly, the databases require the MySQL database program to be running and this will be started as a service whenever you start your computer. (If you feel it is getting in the way of some other program, you can stop the service when not using the IBWS, by navigating to the Control Panel, clicking on Administrative Tools and selecting Services, highlighting MySQLIBWS, and clicking stop. You could also prevent it from starting automatically - right click on MySQLIBWS, select Properties and under Startup type select Manual). Secondly, some tools of the IBWS are Browser- based and they require you to use an internet browser, although they do not require a connection to the internet. For these programs to work the Apache Tomcat Web Server must be running on your computer. The first time IBWS is launched after starting your computer, MySQL will be started, if it is not already running, and Tomcat will be started. This process takes a little time the first time IBWS is started after Windows.
If you close your browser the Workbench will disappear, but it can be started again quickly by right clicking on the IBWS icon in the Applications Tray and selecting 'Launch IBWorkbench". Note, if you select 'Exit' you will close the Workbench and Tomcat so both will have to be started to continue working with the Workflow System.
Once the Workbench is started a project must be created and a workflow selected, then the applications are accessed by clicking on links on that workflow, except for the Molecular Breeding Design Tool (MBDT) which has not been linked into the MABC workflow. In order to launch it you need to navigate to C:\IBWorkflowSystem\tools\mbdt\MBDTversion1.0.0 where the app is stored and launch it from there.

You should now continue with the section on STARTING-UP THE IB WORKFLOW SYSTEM in the IBWS tutorial in this document (The same document as in the first section and again it takes along time to load).

There is also more information and tutorials in the manuals and documents under the folders for each application in C:\IBWorkflowSystem\Documents.
There is also a list of known issues with the first release of the IBWorkflowSystem in the file C:\IBWorkflowSysten\Documents\Known Issues with the first version of the IBWS.docx. If you have trouble running the applications you can check there first in case the problem you are having is a known issue. These will be fixed as soon as possible and updates released.

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