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Objective 2.2

The Integrated Breeding Configurable Workflow System

The IBP information system will be structured as a Configurable Worrkflow System, with access to both local databases and distributed resources, such as central crop databases, molecular databases from GCP partner sites and from public initiatives such as Gramene and GrainGenes. The CWS will map a series of Integrated Breeding Applications to particular breeding workflows. This Configurable Workflow System will be implemented through the Integrated Breeding Workbench - a next generation breeder's data management and analysis workbench.

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A Gliffy Diagram named: CWS-V2

This Configurable Workflow System is the operational representation of the information system which will be implemented by assembling informatics tools into applications configured to match specific breeding workflows. Different workflows will address different kinds of breeding projects. The tools will be developed in a series of functional modules comprising the Integrated Breeding Workbench.


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