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IB Fieldbook Training for CIAT breeding groups and partners


  1. Train breeders how to use the IB Fieldbook
  2. Train users to create nursery using Breeding Manager
  3. Teach users to advance lines using the Breeding Manager
  4. Train users to generate field book
  5. Demonstrate the use of Samsung Galaxy Tablet for data collection in the field
  6. Demonstrate how to convert an existing data set to IB Fieldbook


  • Date: September 3 - 5, 2012
  • Venue: CIAT, Colombia


DM Meeting Agenda


A. Presentations

IBP Overview
Data Management for Integrated Breeding
A Strategy for Plant Breeding Data Management in International Agricultural Research
Install the Cassava Tutorial
IBP Portal Overview
How to Register a New Account on the IBP Portal ENG  SP
IBP CWS Overview
IB FieldBook User Guide
IB NurseryBook User Guide
How to import an existing dataset to IB Fieldbook
How to Deal with Central and Local Databases

B. Tutorials

CIAT Training materials for IB Fieldbook

C. Installer

  1. Crop database installer for Rice
  2. IB Fieldbook version 2.0

D. Evaluation from the Participants

2012 CIAT Training Evaluation


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