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GCP - Efficio Meeting - Oct 19, 2011

Minutes of the GCP-Efficio Update Meeting held 19th of October 2011


  • Introductions and Review of Roles & Responsibilities
  • Overview of Efficio Approach
  • Review of Q4 Timeline & Progress Report
  • Discuss Open Items & Questions
  • Outline Next Steps


Skype Conference Meeting


October 19, 2011 - 9:00 am to 10:40 am (Mexico time)

Attended By

Present for the GCP: Graham McLaren, Arllet Portugal, Candy Pimentel and Delphine Fleury
Present for Efficio: Brent Whitney, Kevin Manansala and Ceci Hammond

Summary of Points Agreed

1. Agreement

  • Graham asked Brent for an update on the SOW.
  • Brent sent the latest version back with no changes to the SOW.
  • Efficio is waiting for a response from GCP.

2. Jean-Marcel Ribaut

  • Graham mentioned that Jean-Marcel is working on the user interface and needs help with the analytical pipeline. A new SOW may be needed for this. Delphine and Mark are going to develop the mockups for the user interface.

3. Review of Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Efficio Team: Brent, CTO providing strategic oversight; Kevin, Team Lead; Ceci, Client Management, Full Time PMO will join soon.
  • GCP: Delphine Fleury & Mark Sawkins: Graham mentioned that they would focus on the downstream tools. They will simplify the tools for users and will then integrate the tools into the analytical pipeline. They can be resources that the Efficio team can reach out to as needed, i.e. Mark has experience with breeding, etc.

4. Brent provided an Overview of the Efficio Team's Approach

5. Kevin presented the Q4 Timeline, outlining deliverables and target dates for completion.

  • Graham mentioned that the difficult part will be to define the CWS and how the tools need to link together along and how they will be configured. The GCP team expects to have detailed conversations with the Efficio team on this topic.
  • Graham is working on the partnership with the new head of IRRI. Depending on his conversations, our Nov. 4th meeting may need to be adjusted.
  • All code will be on the Cropforge.
  • All agreed that the design discussion should take place on the IBP Wiki.
  • The discussion on iPlant vs. Cropforge is still open.

6. Middleware and CWS Updates were provided by Kevin.

7. Other comments:

  • Mark will provide the workflows for CWS
  • All agreed to send an email notification when anything is posted on the Wiki
  • Meeting Feedback:
    • Manage time better; keep the meeting to 1-hour max. Focus on high level updates, project schedule and logistics.
    • Other meetings will be scheduled for any needed technical discussions, discovery, deliberation, etc. Kevin will schedule these meetings as needed.

Action Items

Item # Task Expected Output Owner End Date Status/Remarks
1 Create accounts for Efficio team in Cropforge and IBP wiki Accounts created for Brent, Kevin, Roqs and Dags Arllet Portugal 10/28/2011  
2 Post design documents to IBP wiki Published design documents on IBP wiki Kevin Manansala 11/4/2011  
3 Post meeting minutes to IBP wiki Published meeting minutes on IBP wiki Kevin Manansala 11/4/2011  

Next Meeting Information

When: November 3, 2011 9:00am - 10:00am (Mexico time)
Where: Skype
Agenda: Updates on GCP project

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