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GCP - Efficio Meeting - Nov 3, 2011

Minutes of the GCP-Efficio Update Meeting held 3rd of November 2011


  • Introductions
  • Middleware Updates
  • CWS Updates
  • Review of Q4 Timeline and Progress Report
  • Discuss Open Items and Questions


Skype Conference Meeting


November 3, 2011 - 9:00 am to 10:00 am (Mexico time)

Attended By

Present for the GCP: Jean Marcel, Arllet Portugal, Candy Pimentel and Mark Sawkins
Present for Efficio: Brent Whitney, Kevin Manansala and Ceci Hammond

Summary of Points Agreed

1. Introductions

2. Jean Marcel explained GCP role changes, emphasizing Mark's role

3. Dev team needs more information about applications and the data they interact with

4. There were questions about middleware prototype, what can it do? - answer is: they are more of internal prototypes for proof of concepts of the design and architecture

5. June 2012 - 1st prototype of CWS

6. Dec 2012 - production version of CWS

7. June 2013 - Web version of the Workbench with accessible tools

8. Communicate with Mark more for CWS, give him a walkthrough of the CWS design document

9. Keep plan close to GCP's targets

10. Fieldbook and statistics analytical pipeline - look at the interface of these systems, another app is the seed list manager

11. Fieldbook is open to changes

12. GDMS going to be changed a lot in the coming months

13. Efficio was asked to include sequence diagrams for the next meeting on Nov. 16 and to be prepared to discuss thoughts on functionality and user interface. For user interface we should start with the Fieldbook.

14. GCP mentioned that the user interface is their major challenge and that they believe that over 50% of the success of the CWS will be the quality of the user interface.

15. GCP has requested Efficio to present the Q1 2012 during our CIMMYT meeting scheduled for Dec. 1st & 2nd.

Action Items

Item # Task Expected Output Owner End Date Status/Remarks
1 Efficio to update the project timeline Project timeline updated Ceci Hammond   Completed
2 Schedule a meeting with Mark to discuss CWS design. Meeting schedule for Efficio and Mark Efficio   TBD
3 Efficio to work on sequence diagrams for CWS Sequence diagrams for CWS Efficio Dev Team   TBD

Next Meeting Information

When: November 16, 2011 9:00am - 10:00am (Mexico time)
Where: Skype
Agenda: Updates on GCP project

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