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Discussion about the coordination of the DM for TLI

Installation design for TL
  1. Central databases and curators
    Beans - Alberto (CIAT)
    Cowpea - Jorge (IITA)
    Chickpea and Groundnuts - Trushar (ICRISAT)
  2. Number of local databases
    local databases for each involved NARS
    suggested approach for first season of the project
    the list and fieldbooks will be generated by the PI and will be distributed to partners
    template to be created through PI and to be distributed to partners
  3. Trait Dictionary
    Beans - to be reviewed in reference to literatures; to be consulted with physiologist and germplasm specialist
    Groundnuts -to be reviewed by PI
    Chickpea - only three traits to be added to the existing trait dictionary
  • preferred strategy is to hold it together with project meeting
  • 2011 Feb DM Workshop in IITA - cowpea
  • 2010 June (tentative) - beans
  • Jeff suggested to have training by module (e.g. GMS Tools first for the 1st workshop, then DMS tools to succeeding workshop)
  • Jorge suggested to select well the students and instructors and those only involved in the actual data management activity
Tropical Legumes Web Portal
  • can be linked with IBP web portal which is still need to be created
  • crop lead center to host its crop web site
  • necessity to have IPhIS already in the web
  • phenotype protocol
    for the beans, it is available for download
    wiki is good for versioning of protocols and for collaborative discussion
Catalogue of datasets from the Phase 1 and relationship to Phase 2
  • collect or catalogue the datasets providing the metadata
  • phenotyping data
    can be put in the repository for legumes
    GCP registry or IBP repository
  • sequence data to the sequence database in the public domain
  • how to catalogue the TL1 datasets?
    contact the PIs
    provide template for the metadata
    raw data vs. mean data - if both are available, then provide both
    quality of the data should also be checked
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