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Application 2.2.3 Tool 5.3 IBFB Non-functional Requirements

Non-Functional Requirements
IB Fieldbook (IBFB), Breeding Manager (BM) and Seed Inventory (SI) – version 3

  1. Platform constraints
    No Requirement
    Must run on Windows Operating System from Windows XP to Windows 7

  2. Interfaces
    No Requirement
    Must be implemented as an easy-to-use tool with support for wizard-like forms, 'drag-and-drop' capability and hierarchical structure for studies and lists. Interfaces and forms must be consistently implemented (e.g. file dialog should be the same, wizard form should be in the same format etc)
    IBFieldbook needs to be built on a Rich Client Platform (RCP) architecture for desktop applications. The RCP must provide a way to provide same look and feel for all menus, windows, explorers and wizards. It must support use of Swing components for the graphical user interface (GUI). The RCP must provide also an easy way to use internationalization and the ability to add more modules. The current implementation uses NetBeans:
    Must be able to support compatibility with handheld application

  3. Internationalization
    No Requirement
    Shall implement internationalization capabilities including multi-language support. The language is specified in ibfb.con file using this parameter -J-Duser.language (e.g. -J-Duser.language =es). English and Spanish are available currently and the Chinese version is being upgraded to version 3 of the software.

  4. Operating constraints
    No Requirement
    Must run on 250MB of RAM and should run well on a configuration with a total of 2GB of RAM.
    Should be able to install in a computer with 2GB of free memory space and should be able to run well with 5 GB of memory space

  5. Performance requirements
    No Requirement
    The application should run small tasks – fieldbooks and nurseries for trials with ten or fewer locations and germplasm list with fewer than 200 entries fast enough for a user never to be waiting for a process for more than 20 seconds. Bigger tasks that require thousands records may involve some noticeable waits but not in excess of 5 minutes.

  6. Database Support
    No Requirement
    Must run well with the crop databases of the GCP nine mandate crops (beans, cassava, cowpea, chickpea, groundnuts, maize, rice, sorghum and wheat)
    Must run on MS Access and MySQL database engine
    Must access both local and central databases. The connection to the database is specified in this file ….. \NURSERYMANAGER\IBFb\ibfb\modules\ext\
    Must be able to access databases stored in a file server through network

  7. Reliability
    No Requirement
    Newly added or edited records should be immediately reflected in the different part of the tool when viewed

  8. Security
    No Requirement
    A user name and password is necessary to access the database through the tool. This user credentials should also be used to identify the person who enters, edits or deletes records in the database through the tool.

  9. Usability
    No Requirement
    A user with knowledge of the breeding workflow and with experience in software for managing breeding data should only require 8 man-hours to learn how to use the tool.
    A user from national partners should be able to adopt the tool with minimal requirement for system and database administration

  10. Portability
    No Requirement
    The software should be easy to port to other operating system like Linux and Mac with minimal code modification. It should only involve recompilation to the target environment

  11. Modifiability
    No Requirement
    The codes of the software should be well commented. It should be implemented where there is separation in the implementation of the front-end, business logic and database access

  12. Testing

No Requirement
Must be tested to run in the nine crop databases with no errors by the GCP Consultants
Must pass the testing of GCP partners, both from CGIAR and NARS and external reviewer before release

  1. Documentation
    No Requirement
    Tutorials for the different crops should be provided based on a sample workflow reflecting the crop breeding program
    A User Manual should be supplied

  2. Legal
    No Requirement
    The development and release of the IB Fieldbook is regulated by the GNU General Public License. The source code should be made public upon release. Release versions can be downloaded from

    IBFB, BM & SI Non-Functional (version 1)

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