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Application 2.2.3 Tool 5.3 IBFB Feedback Beta 3.1

Feedback from Users who tried the IB Fieldbook after the TL1 Annual Meeting

  1. Is the tool generally intuitive?
  • I thought the tools was a good start and had well outlined steps. It seemed like the steps were mandatory?  It looks like they can be skipped as well.  Perhaps good incentive to get consistent data.
  • Yes very 
  • In some aspects, yes. In other aspects, no. But it's heading in the right direction. One specific comment here - make sure that only valid selections appear in any drop-down menu.
  • YES

  1. What part of the tool is easy to understand?
  • The interface was nice and clean.  This made it easier to learn.  I had a professional feeling.
  • Most parts are easy to handle though it takes some time for it to display.
  • The trial constants is difficult to know the abbreviations-needs more clarification
  • It's too soon in my usage to say. I've spent only about one hour using the tool so far.
  •  Description of the experiments

  1. What part of  the tool you struggled? How do you think it can be made easier?
  • I struggle with uploading the templates and knowing which template to use.  I need to get better at this.  Would it be possible to create templates internal to the tool?  Or is it necessary to define a path to a template each time.  I did not understand this.  I imagine if it is a path to a template I might forget where things are at or the file name gets changed, or the file gets altered, or the file gets corrupted and this could cause some problems.
  • I do not find the SetGen step intuitive.  It is great that the tool is connected to the database and changes in the database are reflected in the tool.  It still seems to be a dual system though where the database is not seamlessly sitting under the tool.  In my experience I really like it when the basic tool I use to run my breeding program is seamlessly integrated with the database.  For more complex things I want to do I do an export or connect to the database with a different tool to do different types of data visualization and manipulation.
  • So having to make lists in SetGen in order to use them in the tool to me is not intuitive and slows down my use of the tool.  All the commercial tools I have ever demoed or used have excellent filtering capabilities out of the inventory in the database and then good processes for placing filtered inventory in set lists that are made in different types of nurseries (testing, selection).  I saw at IRRI a programmer working on a nice filter like this where you could indicate the field to filter and then a filter term (equals, contains, greater than, less than, etc.) and then a value including an option for a list of values.  I think such functionality would be critical for me to be able to adopt the tool as a breeder.  If I can do this out of field book it will make fieldbook my primary tool because it will be the easy path for me to access my inventory.
  • I realize that the genealogy functionality is not available at this time but will be later.  Could a workaround be demonstrated for making selections and advancing progeny be demonstrated so that breeders can use the fieldbook in the near-term to turn their programs rather than having to wait till December to use the tool. 
  • The traits template where you cant transfer all traits at once, but needs to be done one by one-this takes a lot of time. The selected ones of interest should all be tracked at once.
  • I'm a beginner, so I struggled with everything. Repetition and familiarity will help, just like learning to use WORD or any other software. Consider adding illustrated help menus for everything
  • Inputting the list of germplasm
  1. What functionality from other breeding tool (e.g. Agrobase) you want to be also available in the IB Fieldbook?
  • See comments above.
  • Mapping of lists to a field. Visualization of imported values in the map.  Presentation of analyzed data and coloring of metrics based on different types of approaches (std. dev., percentile, etc.).  I would prefer to have the option to bypass the steps of entering owner of data and such and be able to enter the data after creating my set lists rather than being required to define everything before making a list.
  • Include Jeff SNP marker selection software if possible
  • Also, If possible this can be linked to data analysis software like Darwin, Genstat imas, so that after entering data at end of season one can go direct to analyse data.
  • I don't know what other breeding tool to cite, but a tool to help with selection decisions to make crosses for development of a genetic ideotype are needed.
  • Should be a complete package up to harvesting.

  1. What functionality you need most that is not yet available in the IB Fieldbook?
  • See comments above.
  • Most functionalities are present-however if more options like conversion to kg/ha, cm2, volumes etc can be included so that data like yield in plot measurements can be converted into large scales.
  • Selection decision making - which progeny to advance and cross.
  • Labels for harvesting

  1. Other comments
  • I am not going to do molecular breeding so I am really keen about the basic functionality that a breeding program needs to manage its inventory and create lists of material for placement in trials and nurseries and analysis and selection.
  • I am interested in markers for improving the breeding program.  It field book could store let me to QA/QC based on marker data and visualize similarities between lines or segregating population entries I would be interested.  I would also be interested in a head-to-head viewer and a parent comparer.  I am not sure if fieldbook is the place for such thing or if it is better to have other stand-alone tools to do the job that get data out of the database that fieldbook is connected to with both read- and write- functionality.
  • This is a wonderful tool for us breeders it will make our life very easy and very efficient
  • Job well done!
  • Pls make it available ASAP
  • The hands-on training was very valuable as a means of beginning to become familiar and able to start to give specific feedback.
  • Please make the trait lists and ID numbers alphanumerically sortable for easy scanning by eye.
  • Need to be user-friendly
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