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Application 2.2.3 Tool 5.3 IBFB Feedback Beta 1.0

IB Filedbook Prototype V 1.014/03/11

  1. Point 3 of Comments on IB Fieldbook Prototype V3.doc is still relevant, but more for the TL1 meeting in May that the ICIS meeting in April.
  2. Points 4-7 of Comments on IB Fieldbook Prototype V3.doc is still relevant and probably need some implementation before the ICIS meeting. It is still not intuitive to double click on the new study name.
  3. The installation of the database is great, but we definitely need access to the central and local database and we need access to the four TL1 databases by May TL1 meeting. Probably the best way to do this is to separate the installation of the database from that of the IBFieldbook. Users will pick their database and then install the fieldbook. It would be better if the connection of the IB Fieldbook was configurable through the Project Menu (or via an INI file) to connect to different databases – including databases in MS ACCESS if possible. This would allow users to use the IBFieldbook with other tools which supply the missing parts – SetGen or Maize Fieldbook for example.
  4. As we discussed, it would be nice to be able to view the template in a scrollable screen below the Select Template box – rather like the screen for Select Germplasm – Not urgent if it is hard, but before TL1 if possible.
  5. The Tool Tips are back, but the second half of point 8 of Comments on IB Fieldbook Prototype V3.doc is still relevant.
  6. "Study Instances" on the Study Conditions page should be "Trial Instances" you can put the name of the Trial Instance Factor there instead or as well as "Trial Instances" but it should not be "Study Instances". I see in Template IBFB1 I used property Trial for the trial instance factor it should be "Trial Instance". I am not sure if this caused the problem. I have corrected it in the attached templates.
  7. Template IBFB2 is a template for a Single Site Trial – it does not have a Factor with Property Trial Instance. Hence you should ask the user for the number of Trial Instances (Study Instances) on the on the Study Conditions Page, and you should not show the Trial Conditions page at all since all the trial conditions will be Study conditions in this case.
  8. Using Template IBFB1, I notice that SITE ID and SITE NAME of the Trail Conditions are not connected in the DBID and DBCV pair. This may be because I used the wrong property. I used TRIAL LOCATION for both (which should have connected them just by having the same property) instead of LOCATION as I did in template IBFB5 where they are connected. Let's use LOCATION because then you will know which table to search as well as which pair to join.
  9. Again with the Germplasm List, point 9 of IB Fieldbook Prototype V3.doc still applies. So for the IBFB1 template we should see columns ENTRY, GID, DESIG. Only GID and DESIG come from the Germplasm list according to the rules. ENTRY is assigned the scale NUMBER as the GERMPLASM ENTRY factor.
  10. Using template IBFB1 there seems to be a bug in determining how many Other Treatment Factors there are. There should only be one – FERT. The rules from step 7. However the IN Fieldbook is somehow picking up the Label BLK as a second Other Treatment Factor – needs debugging. (If there are any factors in the template with properties other than Study, Trial Instance, Germplasm Entry, Field Plot or Sampling Unit then assume these factors are treatment factors).
  11. Also with the Other Treatment Factors you still need to implement the input of Labels as discussed in IB Fieldbook V2 Issues.doc point 2, Comments on IB Fieldbook V2 201011082200.doc point 10 and IB Fieldbook Prototype V3.doc point 10 and point 12. If you don't follow these points please lets discuss.
  12. You should note, in Templates with Other Treatment Factors, the Alpha Lattice Design would not generally be available. It is usually used only with a single factor treatment structure – ENTRY in our case. If you do want to use it with a multi-factorial treatment structure you have to enumerate all the treatment combinations and develop a lattice for that number of treatment levels, not just one of the treatment factors.
  13. In the Trial Editor, on the Other Treatment Factors tab, you should not have the column Value – as pointed out in IB Fieldbook Prototype V3.doc point 12.
  14. For the Germplasm Entries tab see IB Fieldbook Prototype V3.doc point 13.
  15. You need to add a couple more designs to the Experimental Design Tab abd Wizard. At least Unreplicated and RCBD. Then you will see why I was struggling with the fields for the parameters since each design has a different set of parameters. The column for Seed should be random Seed and should be filled differently for each trial or you will get the same design. Sometimes a user will want this but not usually.
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