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Application 2.2.2 Tool 4.3 - Seed Inventory

The seed inventory system for ICIS evolved out of a series of design discussions involving many considerations reviewed in this document - Specifications for a Seed Management System - ICIS Team. Most of these considerations are relevant to the IBP Seed Inventory System so we have decided to start with the same database and functionality design: Design of the Seed Inventory Management System.

The basic idea is extremely simple. Seed inventory is identified through SEED LOTS which specify the germplasm, the storage location and the inventory units (weight, number of seeds, packets). Then it is managed through a series of transactions associated with each seed lot - deposits, reservations, withdrawls, splits, moves, discards: Use Cases of the Seed Inventory System.

For version 1 of the IBP Breeding Manager we will implement the following functionality:

1. Inventory Updates

  1. Import seed inventory with an external list of germplasm See Germplasm Import section 1.2
  2. Save seed inventory from a Field Trial See IBFB Workflow section 4.5
  3. Save seed inventory from a Nursery See IB Nursery design section 2.2

2. Inventory Management

All these inventory tools produce an excel report as follows:

The Seed Inventory Manager must have an interface for the seed manager to read these reports and verify or update seed amounts and storage locations. This is a function carried out in the seed processing lab and so may need a stand alone application with facilities for direct reading of seed weights from a scale, and reading of seed packet labels with bar codes.

3. Inventory Queries and Reports

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