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Application 2.2.1 Tool 2.7 - Trait Dictionaries for Fieldbook Development

The first requirement for developing effective Fieldbooks and exporting them (or parts of them) to hand held devices is to have a clear specification of the traits you intend to measure. To this end, a template has been developed which contains the following fields for each trait you intend to enter in a fieldbook or hand held device. The template allows you provide this information for one or many traits, or to update the information for existing traits listed in the Trait Lists below. You can download the Trait Template and, after adding trait information, send it, via email, to the Help Desk: for compilation and use in fieldbook development.

Trait Characteristic Example
Crop Rice
Name of Trait Panicle Exsertion
Abbreviated name EXS
Synonyms (separate by commas)  
Trait ID for modification (see trait lists below),
Leave Blank for New Traits
Description of Trait Degree of emergence of the panicle from the flag leaf sheath
How is this trait routinely used? Pedigree Nurseries
Trait Class Agronomic
Name of Method
Panicle exsertion measurement (method)
Describe how measured (method) Trait monitored by observing the extent of coverage of panicle by the flag leaf
sheathat growth stage 7 to 9
Bibliographic Reference IRRI. 1996. Standard Evaluation System for Rice. 4th Edition
Comments The inability of panicles to exsert fully is commonly considered a genetic defect.
Environmental and disease factors also contribute to such defects.
Type of Measure (Continuous, Discrete or Categorical) Categorical
For Continuous: units of measurement  
For Continuous: reporting units (if different from measurement)  
For Continuous: minimum  
For Continuous: maximum  
For Discrete: Name of scale or units of measurement  
For Categorical: Name of rating scale SES 5 pt scale
For Categorical: Class 1 - value = meaning 1 = Well exserted
For Categorical: Class 2 - value = meaning 3 = Moderately exserted
For Categorical: Class 3 - value = meaning 5 = Just exserted
For Categorical: Class 4 - value = meaning 7 = Partly exserted
Add rows as necessary 9 = Enclosed

A number of crop trait ontologies have been developed for several crops and these are listed in pages linked below or they can be viewed via the Crop Ontology Browser. 

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