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Application 2.2.1 Tool 2.4 - Breeding Methods

Breeding Methods

Breeding methods describe how one strain of germplasm was derived from its source or progenitors. An ontology of breeding methods is proposed in the attached article.

The objective of the Breeding Method Configuration tools for the IB Workbench is to allow project managers to specify a sub-set of existing methods or specify new methods that will be used for the current breeding project. Once this is done project members are only present with this subset of methods when they are required to specify a method in the breeding workflow. The configuration is optional in the sense that if iot is not done then the full list is presented, and for experienced users this is not a problem.

The configuration screen must be able to filter the methods for selective inclusion by breeding method - General, Self Pollinating, Open Pollinating or Clonally Propagated, and then by method type - Generative, Derivative or Maintenance. The user must be able see the full name of the methods, and the full description of the specific method being considered for inclusion.

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