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Activity 3.2.4

Summary of project proposal IBP 3.2.4
Project Title: Design and Analysis
Principal Investigator and Lead Institution: Fred van Eeuwijk / WUR

Executive Summary
Design and analysis: This service provides support on statistics and quantitative genetics. It includes training in data generation, handling, processing and interpretation, as well as experimental design from field planting to MAS and MAB schemes. It provides assistance with the 'translation' of the molecular context to the breeding context and it will take care that the methodology developed for design and analysis of breeding trials is rapidly available to the users.

Objectives and Outputs:
The design and analysis service will work with the use case projects to develop the internal expertise through the design of their experiments and data analysis. This service will support the user cases and at the same time develop training material and tutorials to assist new users as they join the platform.
This activity aims at developing training material and courses to allow the IBP users to maintain basic statistical skills for designing and analyzing their breeding trials and experiments (also in the laboratory). Simultaneously, this activity aims to educate statisticians and plant breeders so that they can collaborate more effectively.

Activities of the project:

1. Deploy training material encompassing general statistical theory, experimental design, data quality testing, QTL and association mapping, application of genotypic data to enhance breeding schemes.

2. Deliver training courses on selected relevant subjects, with special attention to problems pertinent to the use cases.

3. A Statistical Helpdesk providing one-to-one support with statistical questions related to the points of this Activity.

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