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Activity 2.1.3 Annual Update Report 2010-11

Technical Update Report
June 2011
Date Report Submitted: June 20, 2011
Project Name: Integrated Breeding Platform
Activity Number and Title: Activity 3.1.3. Trait and Metabolite Service
Principal Investigator: Xavier Delannay, GCP
Collaborators (name, affiliation): Chunlin He, GCP
Reporting period: Start: January 2011 End: June 2011

  1. Executive summary

This activity has not been implemented yet due to a shift in priorities in the early phase of the IBP. It may be started in 2011 based on a better assessment of the needs of the users.

  1. Scientific activities (including tables and figures)

This activity has not been pursued to a great extent yet due to its low priority compared to other more urgent activities of the Integrated Breeding Platform. We will need to assess the real needs for this service for the IBP community as it is not clear yet how useful it will be to the applied IBP users.

  1. Deviations from the work plan

(no more than 1 page – If Appendix A & B were adjusted, describe how and why, the work deviated from the original work plan, as given in the project proposal, and indicate if this had any consequences, and if yes what was done to remedy this)

  1. Conclusions / Lessons learned / Strategy changes

An assessment will be made in 2011 on the level of need for this service among the IBP users and the project will be reoriented based on that.

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